Terms & Conditions

JL Business Sales aims to deliver a transparent and trustworthy service to its customers and clients and intends to act in accordance with these Terms & Conditions along with all other NZ statutory legislation that may apply through the course of supplying our products and services.

We recommend all clients, customers, and visitors to our website read these Terms and Conditions before they browse the content of our site and before they engage our services. We recommend all parties who may be unsure of any aspect of these terms and conditions raise a query with our administrative who will be happy to assist your query. Please send all emails relating to


We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential.  By ensuring that you are aware of and understand our Terms & Conditions, we can provide you with better quality service.

We will never trade, sell, knowingly share, or otherwise pass your personal information to a third party for commercial use.

You do not have to provide information to us. If you choose not to provide necessary personal information when requested, we maybe are unable to provide certain information or services to you.

We may from time to time email special offers, services, or market news. You can opt-out of any such communication by unsubscribing or contacting JL Business Sales Office at info@jlbs.co.nz


What information will I have to provide?

You may have to provide documents confirming your name, birth date and address, for example:

  • passport; or
  • drivers’ license and bank card; and
  • bank statement or power bill

If you represent a company or trust, you may have to provide extra information like:

  • evidence of who you’re acting for (that is, the beneficial owners who effectively control or benefit from the trust or company). For more information, go to:
  • where and who the money came from.

What happens if I cannot provide the information?

JL Business Sales may not be able to act for you or complete your transaction.

What will JLBS do with the information?

JLBS will keep a secure record of your information, in the same way, they already keep other customer information about you.

If JLBS notices something that is a potential warning sign of money laundering or financing of terrorism, by law we must report it to Police.

The Police Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) will then analyse the information you provided and other relevant details about the transaction or activity to decide which situations need to be referred to investigative branches of Police or other agencies.


JLBS may collect non-identifiable, statistical information regarding preferences and activity on our site.  We may conduct Customer Surveys regarding customer satisfaction, services used, purchasing habits, and demographics.  Identifiable information will never be requested in these surveys.  Surveys help JLBS improve the service to our customers.

If you have any questions about LINK or these Terms & Conditions, do contact us.


Customer IP addresses may be used incidentally to help diagnose problems with our server or for administrative purposes.  IP addresses may be used to gather broad demographic data on customer traffic patterns and site usage.

This information is used internally only and assists us in developing this site inline with customer requirements, and in providing a personalised customer experience.


Cookies may be used on our site now or in the future to improve the user experience. Cookies are identifiers placed on a recipient computer’s hard drive via a visiting browser.  Cookies simply make it possible to personalise your view of our site on return visits.


In the event of a merger, consolidation, or sale or transfer of all or substantially all the assets of JLBS, one of the assets which are commonly transferred to the purchasing or new entity is the information we collect from our customers and store in our customer database.